Copenhagen is the Capital city of Denmark. Our city is one of Europe’s oldest and most popular cities in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Our city also one of the cleanest and most metropolitan. Our dynamic city features progressive modern architecture, we offer plenty of must-visit stunning places. From old castles, palaces, museums, design shopping, dining, nightlife and much more.

Explore our beautiful harbor, canals and pretty narrow streets. We hope you also will appreciate our beautiful old homes and unique architecture.

Denmark is known for Danish pastries, open sandwiches (smorrebrod) and meatballs. Other traditional recipes are for rice porridge, dumplings and various fish dishes.

Copenhagen consists of a multitude of areas, each with its own charm, history and distinctive character. Together they make up a dense urban fabric. Though different, the areas have three features in common. The presence of water, parks and bicycle paths.

Credit cards can be used in most taxis, cafés, restaurants and shops.

Danish is our own and official language. English is the main second language learned in our schools.

Denmark’s weather is quite mild and the climate of Denmark is temperate, made mild by mostly west winds and by the seas surrounding Denmark almost entirely. The winters are sometimes cold and the summers are warm. Because of our northern location in Europe, the length of the day with sunlight varies. Mean temperature in the coldest winter season (December to March) is around 0°C, and in the warmest season April to September up to +30°C.
Rain and wind in Denmark comes on a regular basis year-round, we have no true dry periods

For the past 40 years, Denmark has regularly topped international happiness surveys.
According to the UN’s 2016 World Happiness Report, Denmark beats every other country on a global happiness scale from zero to 10.

So, if you also are hunting for happiness, we recommend to come in the summer time which runs from April to September. We Danes really squeeze the last ray out of the sun, so as soon as it hits us in April we are out in the parks and cafes.

For the third time in a row Denmark occupies the top spot in Transparency International’s study of corruption worldwide. No bribery and an open and well-functioning public sector have placed Denmark in the top of the rankings since the first study in 1995.