The most beautiful way to experience Copenhagen is to explore the city from the seaside. This tour will take you through the inner harbour of the City – from the North to the South and through the pittoresque canals.

We will get on and off the boat as we please in order to see the famous sights such as The Little Mermaid, The Royal Palace, The Black Diamond, The Playhouse, The Opera.

Also, we’ll visit the very new neighborhoods of the northern and the southern harbour, areas with exclusive modern architecture in the new planned towns – those areas that used to be the industrial sites of Copenhagen. A fun place to see is the maritime allotments where oysters and mussels are being cultivated – and of course we’ll pass the swimming centers of the harbour. So far only few tourists get to explore these new neighborhoods.

We’ll also go to the Holmen, the island that used to be the Naval base of Denmark. This island has been transformed and has become the centre of creative institutions and workshops as well as an exclusive residential area. Also, the island now includes very different places for recreational and cultural activities.

We’ll visit the Paper Island and will pass the old warehouses as well as the contemporary block of apartments on Kroeyer’s Square. Very important are the many new bridges of the City, e.g. the Circle bridge, the Bridge of the Inner Harbor. We’ll certainly go up the beautiful canals; visiting Christianshavn, the so-called Little Amsterdam, created in the beginning of the 16 hundreds. A stroll in this maritime place – and a visit inside the landmark of Christianshavn, i.e. Our Savior’s Church with its amazing spiral outdoor staircase.

Many more sights than the places mentioned above are to be explored. During the tour coffee & pastry or a picnic basket can be enjoyed – if ordered in advance.

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