Our private guided viking tour will take you to the west of Copenhagen to the old Viking town of Roskilde and its surrounding areas.

After a 45 minutes’ drive from Copenhagen the first sight will be a visit inside the magnificent Roskilde Cathedral – which due to its importance and historical architecture – is on the Unesco Heritage list. No doubt is the Cathedral the most important church of Denmark; it goes back to the 1170’ies being the very first building in Denmark made of bricks – and 39 Danish Kings and Queens have been buried here.

The next place of interest on this tour is the Viking ship Museum that houses the 5 Viking ships which were found on the bottom of the Roskilde Fjord during the 1950ies. This museum gives the visitor the utmost possibility of understanding the maritime history of Denmark, better than anywhere else. We will take a stroll on the museum island looking at the different workshops – also a walk around the harbor of Roskilde is of interest, since this place suits the theme of the trip very well.

The tour will continue to The Land of the Legends in the town of Lejre, close to Roskilde. An open-air museum situated in the most beautiful landscape where one can have an impression of the 10.000 years of history of Denmark with houses and settings from the Stone Age, the Iron Age, The Viking Age and from the 17th century.

Experiences for all senses in the 43 ha of space and peace where one can meet the Stone Age hunter, the smallholders, the merchant Viking and domestic animals. Truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Lunch, a glass of mead, a picnic in the historic landscape can be arranged.

After a full day with open senses we will return to Copenhagen.

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