The most compelling reason to travel by private air charter is perhaps the one you would least expect. Simply put, it is cost-effective. Private air charter makes sense to your bottom line because it allows for the productive outlay of your one non-renewable commodity: Time. In addition, because of the large number of airports that handle smaller planes, a charter can take a business executive much closer to his or her destination than a commercial flight. If you can attend one out-of-town meeting using an airline’s schedule, with a private jet you may fit in two or three distant meetings in the same day. Even your time in the air is more productive; since the jet’s cabin is the perfect spot to conduct business between destinations.

By have a VIP Jet membership, you gain access to 5 aircrafts, based in Denmark. You are able to travel to your desiered destination exactly when you want. The aircraft is just a call away. It’s affordable, it’s safe and it’s available whenever you want it.

When and why is a membership beneficiary for us?

There’s a lot of perks with our VIP Jet membership. You might have business partners in hard-to-get-to places – places that are hard to get to by plane from Denmark. These areas can be: Köln, Skagen and remote places in and aroud Scandinavia. By being a member of VIP Jet, you can fly directly in to these places and fly out, exactly when you want. This will also eliminate wait time at the destination, and therefore cutting the expenses on hotels and other living costs. This will also free your and/or your employee’s time, to do what they are good at.

By being a member, you also get to bring your business partners and clients. Impress them with bringing them on a joy ride or to a destination of your choice.

Our 5 private jets can carry up to 8 people per flight, giving your business the opportunity to bring exactly who you want on your trip. You are able to fly aproximatley 5 hours away from Copenhagen/Roskilde, which is equal to a trip to Nice, France.

Prices starts at 12.650 DKK pr. flight hour (up to 8 passengers)


Citation – with seats for up to 8 passengers.

The Citation jet has a top speed of aprox. 330 knots – 611 km/h

1. Copenhagen/Roskilde – Stockholm – Sandefjord – Bergen – Roskilde
Total flight time: 4 hours – 3 stop trip

2. Copenhagen/Roskilde – Krakow – Sibiu (Romania) – Roskilde
Total flight time: 4 hours and 45 minutes – 2 stop trip

3. Copenhagen/Roskilde – Abeendeen – Roskilde
Total flight time: 4 hours and 45 minutes – 1 stop trip


1. Copenhagen/Roskilde – Olbia (Sardinia, Italy) – Roskilde
Price: 125.000 DKK – total flight time: 5 hours and 35 minutes

2. Copenhagen/Roskilde – Ibiza – Roskilde
Price: 133.000 DKK – total flight time: 6 hours and 10 minutes)

3. Copenhagen/Roskilde – Cannes – Roskilde
Price: 98.000 DKK – total flight time: 4 hours and 20 minutes

4. Copenhagen/Roskilde – Santorini – Roskilde
Price: 151.000 DKK – total flight time: 7 hours

5. Hunting trip in the mountains of Bulgaria Copenhagen/Roskilde – Plovdiv – Roskilde
Price: 120.000 DKK – total flight time: 7 hours


Business meeting in Poland. Group of 6 travellers. Route: Copenhagen-Szczecin

With SAS

Tickettype: SAS Go Light from Copenhagen Airport
Out 23/9, 8:25, arrival 9:25. Home 24/9, 09:50, Arrival: 10:50
Price per SAS Go Light ticket: 3.880 DKK

Price total: 23.280 DKK (52.704 DKK with SAS Plus Full Flex)

Extra expenses such as hotel rooms, transport, food etc. has not been added to the above price.

MED VIP Jet Membership

Fly in your own jet from Roskidle Airport to Szcezecin.

Out and home exactly when it pleases you.

Price: 39.000 DKK. Flight time: 50 minutes.