Enjoy a fun day with coworkers, friends and/or family. The Land vs. Sea race GPS challenge is a GEO quiz for the feinschmecker.

With the Land vs. Sea race GPS challenge, you will be split in to two teams. The aim for the two teams is, that you must find your way through the Danish landscape (and seascape) to find questions and answer them correctly. The team with the most questions answered correctly will be the winner.
One team starts in two cars and the other starts in a 600HP speedboat.

Both teams must have at least one smartphone with an app downloaded. This app will give you access to the GPS grid and the questions.


The challenges in the race can be adapted directly to your wishes. Both in terms of difficulty and topics. This means that everyone can participate and makes it an ideal business event.

The route can also be organized according to your wishes, needs and desired length. So the topic of the race can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you want the participants to answer questions about your company or industry, or it should be an entertaining football quiz – everything can be tailored.

After completing the race the wining team will be rewarded!


If you want to get a quote on our action packed Land vs. Sea race,
please call us at +45 70 20 47 93.
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