Special service in Copenhagen

What is the difference between a standard and a special service request?

Standard requests are routine services, examples:

  • Car & Coach transportation in Copenhagen & Denmark
  • VIP service in CPH Airport
  • Boat tour in Copenhagen Harbour and Canals
  • Helicopter charter
  • Jet charter
  • Hotel reservations
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Bicycle booking and delivery
  • Run errands
  • Private opening of Rosenborg Castle & Amalienborg, home to our Queen

With above standard request we do not charge a premium service fee.

Unique Services in Copenhagen

In this category “the sky is the limit”. Most of these requests often require more than normal labour time for us to plan and organize. Examples:

  • Plan our stay in Denmark – we start on blank piece of paper together and plan your stay
  • Plan our travel around Scandinavia – we start on blank piece of paper together and plan your stay
  • Source us “something special” e.g. luxury yacht, special service or organize a company event
  • Prepare a list of activities and attractions we, as a family should do when visiting Denmark
  • We need special Hospitality tickets for a sold-out concert or show
  • Special luxury shopping/errands

With above special request we do charge a premium service fee.

Why do we charge a premium fee for delivering a special request?

If you like us to organize something special and tailored to your requirements, it will require time for us. Therefore we charge premium fee before we start. This fee is deducted your service fee, if you decide to book the special service. Special service most often require that we use our network and use extra time on research.

Our experienced organizers/staff do require salary for their time, and therefore we charge for their knowledge and time. Further more, we have running costs for our office space, insurance, IT software, hardware and other costs which enables us to run our business each day. This is why we can’t work for free. In return our service and office is open when you need us.

We offer our clients +19 years of experience, access to a large and exclusive network of the best partners. Our personal relations has been build through many years.

With us you also get your own personal dedicated advisor. Not a stranger and new person each time you contact us.

Everybody can do a Google searches and/or phone calls and arrange some services themselves.

We deliver experience, single point of contact and we always go the extra mile for our client and always try to provide an alternative if your number-one choice isn’t attainable.

We are your one-stop shop – and provide you with a hassle free personalized experience.

Premium fee – how much do you charge in advance for a special service request?

We always ask for a not-to-exceed amount budget for what you’re trying to get organized or fixed.

We can handle most requests in a matter of hours. Some can take many days, depending on the amount of research required to fulfill a request.

What do you charge for planning and research something special?
We charge 950 DKK per hour ex. 25% VAT – in Euro 130 per hour ex. 25 % VAT
Price per day 7.600 DKK ex. 25% VAT – in Euro 1.040 per day ex. 25 % VAT

If you require 24/7 personal assistance and service before and during your travelling, we are able to provide this. Please contact us for special quote on this premium service level.

Our collaboration process – delivering special requests

Here we have described the initial process, on how we work in the initial phase of receiving a special requests from a client or travel agent.

Together we go through follows proces steps:
1. Tell us your request and requirements.
2. Receive an email with service delivery including a rough initial estimated budget.
3. If you confirm the initial budget & terms received from us, we will start our Research and Planning work.
4. When completed, you will receive a confirmation with a final quotation, if we do not deliver to you – you do not pay the premium service fee charged in Step – No Cure – No Pay.
5. Accept the final quotaion and your premium fee will be deducted. If you don’t accept final offer, we will only charge you our premium planning fee for time used and invested in your request.
6. Delivery of special request and services.
7. Personal service during delivery, we can be avaiable 24/7.
8. Follow-up on your services.