Terms & conditions

We are happy to receive your query or booking, and we look forward to servicing you or your guests. We would like to make you aware of a few practicalities regarding our services beforehand.

List of Terms & Conditions

  • Office hours
    Monday to Friday hrs. 08:30 – 17:00
    Saturday – Sunday: closed, unless you have service, please call +45 5151 4793
    24 hour VIP service is available – if booked in advance. Please contact us with your requirements in order to receive pricing.
  • Limousine Service time
    We offer limousine and coach service 24 hour a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.
    Normal Limo working hours are from hrs. 07:00 – 19:00
    Late hours Limo service are from 19:00 – 07:00 – a surcharge of 25% do apply on our transfer rates in this time period.
  • Transportation types
    1. One-way Transfer e.g. Copenhagen Airport to Hotel in city or 2. As-Directed service
    A one-way transfer is basically a direct, one-way pick up and drop, at a set time. Extra Wait time, extra stops and additional driving around are not calculated in the pricing of these type of transfers and would add the charges or revert the service to hourly (mimimum 2 hours) if extensive waiting time or extra stops on the route.
  • For changes during the service or delays, which prolong the booked service or lead to extra waiting time for us, we charge the extra time on your final invoice.
  • For pick-up from Copenhagen Airport, all clients are meet with a welcome sign with a text or logo of your choice in the arrival hall just after customs. In the unlikely event that guests are not able to locate their driver and vehicle please ask them to contact our Duty Manager on tel.: +45 7020 4793.
  • If you provide us with your flight number, we will monitor your flight and try to your service to the actual time of arrival of the flight (according to the available information from Copenhagen Airport)
  • Extraordinary waiting time for the passengers after the landing (more than 20 min. after actual arrival) will be charged per commenced half an hour as waiting time in your invoice.
  • We take the liberty to reject or drop off intoxicated passengers who may be a nuisance or danger to the driver or to other passengers.
  • We add a fee of minimum 1,000 DKK plus VAT for extra cleaning which is considered out of the ordinary.
  • Booking
    Please book your transportation as fast as possible, we love a notice of 36 hours prior to service.
  • Booking Confirmation
    Your service request is not a confirmed booking, until we have confirmed it and received your full payment.
    Last Minute bookings made later may reflect in extra cost and no availability, especially in peak period eg. congress or changing day with cruise ships.
    As-Directed limo service
    In most cases, a minimum charter of 2 hours or more terms will apply for limousine and coach charter. You get many advantages to this charter structure, especially for special events and occasions. You have the same vehicle and chauffeur guaranteed for your entire service. You can leave your belongings in the vehicle. You have unlimited stops, the vehicle and chauffeur are available to you as directed. It is generally more relaxing to know that you have the vehicle at your disposal for the specified rental period.
    If a urgent request is placed out of normal office hours, a commitment fee is required to be payed, before a booking request will be dealt with.
    The commitment fee has been created, to ensure that our best and most loyal customers will always be prioritized over those who are ”shopping”.
    A typical commitment fee is roughly 25% of the estimated final price. The commitment fee can be higher or lower, depending on the size of the case.
    If we are not able to deliver the service you have requested after you payed the commitment fee, we will refund 100% of what you have deposited. The fee will be subtracted from the final payment. It acts like a deposit.
    Feel free to send us an e-mail if you any questions regarding our commitment fee.


Payment terms and methods

  • Payment is due, upon our confirmation and invoice. Payment is normally due before services is to be delivered.
  • Payment is due receiving our confirmation on service.

Payment methods are:

  1. With international. credit card through Stripe.com (transactions cost surcharge of 3,5% do apply paying with creditcard)
  2. By normal invoice and bank wire transfer.

These are the 2 payment method option we offer. Let us know which payment one do you prefer when booking.


  • Change or cancel an existing booking.
    Please direct all changes or extra bookings to our office or our On Duty Manager [email protected] or +45 7020 4793.We always try to be as flexible as possible and are happy to try to accommodate any changes to your booking, but we take the liberty to charge extra for changes in services, informed with less than 24 hours’ notice that bring about extra expenses for us.

    • Changes within 24-48 hours’ prior to service are charged with 50% rate as new service.
    • Changes with less than 24 hours’ notice to service are charged at 100% as new service.
    • Cancellations with less than 72 hours’ notice are charged at 50%
    • Cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice are charged at 100%

    Last Minute Booking Fees are:
    25-48 hours before service time Last Minute surcharge fee is DKK 700 / USD 110 / EUR 100
    1-24 hours before service time Last Minute surcharge or changing fee is DKK 1.500 / USD 220 / EUR 200

    Minimum limousine hire is charged with 2 hours at rate 1.250 DKK per hour for Mercedes E, S class or Viano van.

    Changing Fees are:
    25-48 hours before service time Last Minute surcharge fee is DKK 700 / USD 110 / EUR 100
    1-24 hours before service time Last Minute surcharge or changing fee is DKK 1.500 / USD 220 / EUR 200

    If condition accepted, please contact us so we can check our availability and do note our above surcharge fees can also apply to any last minute booking you may contact us with.